Garage Conversions Explained by Garage Conversion Professionals

Given the current economic conditions a garage conversion is a great alternative to homeowners to increase living space without the cost of moving home. You may need an extra bedroom, games room, or en suite annex for a loved one to be at home with you. Depending on what type of garage structure you have the possibilities of increased living space through a conversion are endless. You can keep it separate or knock through into your main living are, options to install shower rooms and bathrooms can be done in, most garages.

Planning you garage conversion should start out with you creating your own garage conversion plan. You will need to know what level of insulation is required, electrics, new consumer unit, plumbing and carpentry work. Also what size window and do you need a supporting linter. Plan out the floor space as to where everything will go. This is what makes you realize exactly what can be done with your garage floor space.

Adding a garage conversion to your home will add significant value to your property as you are adding an extra room, ho ever it must be noted that you will need full building certificates for the value to get added and it’s important to check for any planning permission issues. We would recommend a specialist garage conversion company to do the works rather than just a general builder or window company. Garage conversion – ADU Most of these types of organizations will just sub contract your work out leaving you and them out of control for the project.

Think of the great uses you can use an extra living room for instead of your old garage normally used for storage like a shed. Modern garages quit often don’t have enough width to open a car door properly inside them. Most of us use them as junk rooms. Also garage conversions are energy efficient as one of the most important parts of a conversion is to insulate the floors ceiling s and walls.

Many home owners right now are unsure as to what is happening in the property market and uncertain if they could sell their house at a good price. Often moving home costs in excess of 15 thousand pounds and an increase in mortgage payments. Not to take into account that your young children may be upset their their best friend lives just down the road and your move them away. A garage conversion is often cheaper than moving house and keeps every one within the home all in the one settled place.

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